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Eastern Water Solutions specializes in a full range of water treatment services throughout Connecticut. In business since 1966, we have proudly served our community with multiple water services that have helped homeowners and business owners acquire efficient, healthy water systems.

We offer residential and commercial water services designed to meet your specific needs. Eastern Water Solutions also offers emergency servicing for unexpected water issues. With a staff of highly trained and fully licensed water treatment professionals, we can assure you that each job we tend to is completed with the utmost safety and concern, from minor water issues to major system repairs.

Browse our site for all of our water conditioning services to find the one right for you. We proudly serve Western Connecticut, including Greenwich, Southbury, Shelton, and nearby.

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Common Water Issues

Hard SinkWhite residue on faucets and other fixtures is a sign that your home has hard water. This means that there is an excess of minerals like calcium. Hard water can build up on surfaces, lower the efficiency of your appliances, and cause dry skin and hair.

Eastern Water Solutions can help create healthier, better-tasting water by filtering out minerals before you turn on the tap.

Iron Stained SinkCreating a healthy and happy home starts with your water. Even trace amounts of iron can cause rust stains on your appliances, fixtures, and laundry. Iron also can create a metallic taste, making the water hard to drink or cook with. Even worse, high amounts of iron can cause clogged plumbing.

Eastern Water Solutions provides whole-house water filters that remove iron and create better-tasting, healthier water.

Acidic Stained Piping Sometimes the environment can impact a water's PH balance, which can lead to acidic water in some homes. Once water is acidic, it can eat away at your plumbing, cause copper pipes to deteriorate, leave metal residue on fixtures, and also stain them green. Acidic water can also create pinhole leaks in your home's pipes.

Eastern Water Solutions can help you regulate your water PH levels with an acidic neutralizer system.

Chlorine in drinking waterIf your water smells a lot like a swimming pool, then your city is probably using chlorine to treat the water and keep it clean as it travels to your home. Once it arrives, the chemicals are no longer needed and can end up causing skin irritation, a strong smell, and foul taste.

Eastern Water Solutions can create better-tasting and healthier water by removing chlorine before you use the water.

Sulfur Water IssuesSulfur is a natural substance that can cause your water to smell like rotten eggs. This can lead to bathing becoming a chore, food tasting gross, and laundry smelling foul.

Eastern Water Solutions can install a water filter that can produce fresh, pleasant-tasting water that your family will love.

You can trust us for your important water solutions

Eastern Water Solutions offers fast and courteous service from our sales staff, our office staff and our certified and trained technicians. Our services include residential and commercial well drilling, hydraulic fracturing, installation and maintenance of pumping systems, water conditioning and filtering and much more.

Keep your water system healthy

Eastern Water Solutions also offers air and water radon mitigation to ensure safe, drinkable water. We have a complete line of services and products designed for every pump system demand -- residential systems, commercial systems, and environmental systems.

We recognize the importance of properly maintained water and water systems. With our expert installation crew and high-quality products, we have the utilities necessary to complete any water treatment job. 

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For a free estimate on requested water treatment solutions in Greenwich, Southbury, Cheshire and all surrounding areas in Connecticut, contact us today. Our water conditioning services and inspection services can keep your pump systems functioning efficiently and healthily. Always trust an expert when it comes to major water issues, and Eastern Water Solutions is your local water expert.

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