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Eastern Water Solutions offers a wide range of water conditioning and filtration equipment. For every type of water conditioning demand (hardness, high iron concentrations, acidity, and odor), we provide safe, dependable and quality products to do the job.

Products are only part of the answer. We also have a trained staff to do the job right the first time. Our experts can answer all of your specific questions regarding your water quality. We service all types of well water treatments, including water filtration and water softening.

Call us at 1-844-385-7377 or click below to request an inspection and free quote for a water treatment solution to solve all your water problems! We serve Greenwich, Southbury, Shelton, and the surrounding areas. 

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We provide complete water treatment services:

  • Water testing
  • Analytical consultation
  • Custom filtration system design & installation
  • Filtration system repair & service

Common water problems & solutions

Problem Possible Cause Remedy
Cloudy Water or Particles Suspended Matter in Water Various Cartridge Filters Available
Bad Taste or Smell Organic Matter Activated Carbon Filter or Aeration
Stains on Dishes, Fixtures; Scale in Water Heater and Plumbing Hardness, Calcium and Magnesium Water Softener
Metallic Taste to Water, Brown to Black Stains on Porcelain Iron or Manganese Small Amounts by Water Softener, Larger Amounts by Iron Filter & Softener
'Rotten Egg' Smell Hydrogen Sulfide Air Injection System
Blue Stains on Copper Piping Low PH Neutralizer or Chemical Injection System

*This chart is intended to act as a general guide only. A water test is essential before any water conditioning system would be recommended.

How will you benefit from water softening?

There is some common confusion about water softening, because the idea of softening a liquid doesn't seem to make sense. Water softening is actually the removal of calcium and other minerals from the water to prevent them from depositing.

Side effects of calcium build up in water:

  • Wear and fray threads in clothing
  • Sticks to clothing, dishes, and appliances and make them feel rough
  • Cause limestones spots on washed surfaces
  • Deposits build up inside pipes, heaters, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures

When you get water softening services from Eastern Water Solutions, we'll prevent build ups from occuring and damaging your pipes and anything you wash.

Well caps protect water from outside pollutants

well cap

Well caps are essential for protecting your water quality

Well caps are a very important addition for your well. A well cap is the first line of defense against pollutants, including pesticides, insects, chemicals, and anything else you don't want in your water.

Be sure to check your well cap to ensure that it is securely fastened and doesn't have any cracks. Additionally, be sure to have your water tested annually to be sure that it is clean and safe

We can help with your water problem - contact us today!

If your water tastes bad or has an odor, you're concerned about its purity, or you want to be sure you have the right water filter, talk to one of our experts today to discuss your issues and possible solutions.

Call Eastern Water Solutions or fill out our contact form to request your free estimate and we will give you a call to schedule your appointment for water testing and an inspection of your system.

We proudly service areas throughout the state including Greenwich, Southbury, Cheshire and Bristol, Branford, Glastonbury, Milford, Southington, Meriden.

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