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hydraulic fracturing for well expansion

Hydraulic fracturing is a safe and extremely effective well restoration method

Hydraulic fracturing is a well development method that can increase your water supply by using high pressure water to open fractures in rock around the well to increase water flow. Also known as hydrofracking, hydrofracturing, and fracking, the process was originally an oil field technology that was successfully integrated into the water well industry, pioneered in large part by Eastern Water Solutions.

Though the process is similar to the one used for developing oil and gas wells, water well hydrofracking does not include the chemicals that are used for the fracking of oil and gas wells. Hydraulic fracturing is commonly used for well services, and it is a safe technique when done properly. At Eastern Water Solutions, we only use chlorinated and potable (safe to drink) water for well services. We have used hydrofracturing to successfully expand hundreds of wells in Connecticut.

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“My well had poor yield (two wash loads would kill the well).”

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Benefits of hydrofracturing:

  • Effectively increases the water output of your existing well
  • Saves you money because no new well drilling is required
  • Increased well system efficiency

How water well hydrofracking works

Once the site has been inspected and deemed accessible by the required equipment, a permit is produced and applied for by Eastern Water Solutions to the local building and health departments. Then the process of water hydraulic fracturing can begin.

The pump and related materials such as piping and wire are removed from the well. A hoist truck sets up over the well and lowers a packer into the well. A packer is a steel, plug-like device, fitted with a hard, tight fitting rubber sleeve. Once the packer has been lowered to a specific depth in the well, the rubber sleeve is inflated and the packer is now firmly set in the well.

Water from another vehicle is pumped through the center of the packer, filling the well below the plug. This water is brought to a pressure of 3000 PSI (pressure of pounds per square inch), forcing itself against the walls of the well, cracking weakened rock and cleaning out existing fissures.

The pressure is maintained until a drop in the pressure occurs, indicating a break through. The opening of old veins and the creation of new ones, allows an increase in the volume of water from the adjacent formation to enter the well.

What to expect after hydrofracturing

After water well fracking, the pump is reinstalled and the system is chlorinated to ensure elimination of any bacteria that has entered the system during the operation. Generally after hydrofracking, the water will remain murky and will take a few days to clear. After a few days of allowing the well to resume its normal activity, a followup yield test is taken to determine the new yield.

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