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Water quality can vary from house to house. Even if you do not suspect that your water is contaminated, testing your private well is important to ensure your water is safe and healthy to drink. Eastern Water Solutions provides a variety of water tests and solutions to your unique water problems. Our water testing is fast and convenient. Our report shows a detailed analysis of your home's results, as well as the state recommended action levels for the specifics being tested. 

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Benefits of well testing

Testing your well water is an important step for any homeowner. Well water testing will allow you to find out whether specific contaminants or pollutants are present in your water, if you need a filter or another type of water treatment, and establish a baseline for comparing future test results.

All of this information is crucial to preserving your water's cleanliness and safety. Well water testing will ensure that the water in your home meets all standards for health and quality.

How often should you test your water?

You know that well water testing is important, but how often does it need to be done? The smart thing to do is test your well water every year to ensure the water is potable, or suitable for drinking.

Well water testing is also a good idea after repair or replacement of your well, pump or water pipes to ensure that no hazardous materials entered the well during the work. It's also necessary to test if you are planning a pregnancy or if you have a child under 6 years old, and testing for fluoride every five years is needed if you have a child under 12 years old.

Reasons to test your water quality

  • Bad taste or smell
  • Stained plumbing fixtures or laundry
  • Recurring gastrointestinal illness
  • Household plumbing contains lead
  • Corrosion in pipes/plumbing
  • Water appears cloudy, frothy, or colored
  • Salty taste and nearby seawater or heavily salted road
  • Scaly residues and soaps don't lather
  • Water softener needed to treat hardness
  • Nearby areas of intensive agriculture
  • Coal or other mining operations nearby
  • Gas drilling operations nearby
  • Dump, junkyard, landfill, factory, gas station or dry-cleaning operation nearby
  • Odor of gasoline or fuel oil, and near gas station or buried fuel tanks
  • Rapid wear of water treatment equipment

What we test for

  • Coliform bacteria
  • pH levels
  • Metals: lead, copper, manganese, iron, barium, zinc, strontium
  • Corrosion
  • Nitrate
  • Pesticides
  • Chloride
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Sulfate
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Hardness
  • Color
  • Detergents
  • Sodium

Contact us today to schedule your water quality test

We follow drinking water criteria set by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH). If water testing shows chemicals in your water that are higher than the action level set by the state, we will filter the water to remove problem chemicals and provide any other necessary water conditioning and water treatment solutions.

Contact Eastern Water Solutions today to schedule your well water test and we will provide you with a free estimate to treat your water in Southington, Meriden, Bristol, Branford, Glastonbury, Milford, Greenwich, Southbury, Shelton, and nearby.

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