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We make sure your well meets code, safety & clean water regulations

Home inspections are a necessary part of home ownership, but home inspections often miss critical water supply issues. A typical home inspection does not include a home's well, pump, water softening system, filters, or water pressure. If you are planning on purchasing a new home, have the well, filtration, and conditioning systems inspected by Eastern Water Solutions. We service the Western Connecticut, and we can ensure that all well systems are clean, safe, and functioning properly.

Call us at 1-844-385-7377 today to request an inspection of your private well. We provide fast, courteous service and a written inspection report along with a free estimate to correct any mechanical problems or water yield issues.

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  • Well Cap Replacement in Woodbury, CT
    Well Cap Replacement in Woodbury, CT

    Well Cap Replacement in Woodbury, CT

    Bringing your well cap up to code with a water tight seal will keep bacteria, insects and small animals from contaminating your drinking water. What is more important than having clean drinking water? It can be easy to forget about your well, because it's out in the yard, but that can be dangerous. Our experts can accurately diagnose the state of your well and craft the right solution for your needs. That's exactly what we did for this homeowner in Woodbury, CT.

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What your inspection includes:

  • Make sure the water supply system meets code. This includes the well, cap, pump, tank, valves & controls, plumbing, and water treatment.
  • Make sure the water supply's yield rate meets code. 
  • Test mechanical and electrical function of pump, wiring & control systems.
  • Pressure test all piping for leaks.
  • Conduct an on-site mineral test to estimate water quality (additional laboratory tests are available).
  • Flush and test the water tank.
  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation report that includes all test results, recommendations, and any necessary estimated repair costs.

Our inspection services

Real estate inspections – We work directly with real estate agencies, home sellers and potential home buyers in providing complete well, pump and water conditioning system inspections. This can give you the peace of mind when buying a home, or eliminate surprises if you are selling one!

Mechanical inspections – We review every aspect of your pump system and water conditioning equipment. This mechanical inspection extends to water filtration equipment and water conditioning equipment as well.

Well yield inspections – We will perform an accurate well yield test, using the industry’s accepted yield testing techniques, to determine if the home’s well conforms to State Code. This test result will be provided to the customer in writing.

Commercial/municipal inspections - We can inspect the cross-connection between a potable water supply and any source of non-potable liquid, solid, or gas to prevent contamination. We also inspect backflow prevention devices to make sure they are installed and functioning properly to ensure safe drinking water.

We have the solutions for all your water system needs

We are your local water well contractor, serving all areas of the state, including Meriden, Bristol, Branford, Glastonbury, Milford, Southington. Whether you're just looking for a well inspection or you would also like water testing to determine water quality, Eastern Water Solutions can cover what a regular home inspection doesn't to save you thousands!

We provide free estimates for well pump installation, well deepening, and our custom water treatment solutions.

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