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Pump Replacement in Stamford, CT

When a failed grease trap caused the closure of a popular supermarket in Stamford, Eastern Water answered the call! After climbing into the pit and cleaning the system thoroughly, the technicians found that both of the pumps were shot and needed to be replaced so two new pumps were installed allowing the facility to open back up that very same day.  

Water Boosting Controls Upgrade in Norwalk, CT

After sending technicians to the site to diagnose the problem the client was having they found that an upgrade to the system was needed. The pictures show domestic water boosting station over in Norwalk, CT that has been upgraded with more efficient controls. This install ended up saving them almost 35% in electrical consumption, while at the same time providing water at a pressure 60 psi higher than the original system. 

Sewage Pump Replacement in Bridgeport, CT

Eastern Water Solutions got a call from a condo association about their sewage pumps not working, and we sent some of our technicians out to the site to investigate the problem. After a little help from a local vacuum truck, they were able to climb into the pit and determine that the old pumps needed to be replaced. It was decided that they should put in two of the Ashland High Head Injection Sewage Pumps to fix the problem.

Newtown, CT Booster Pump Replacement

We love turning utility systems from energy hogs that constantly run into highly efficient and reliable systems. That's exactly what we did for this project. These pumps reduce electric costs and will last a long time.

You might be wasting money on an old pump system and not even know it. Contact Eastern Water Solutions today!

Well Cap Replacement in Woodbury, CT

Bringing your well cap up to code with a water tight seal will keep bacteria, insects and small animals from contaminating your drinking water. What is more important than having clean drinking water? It can be easy to forget about your well, because it's out in the yard, but that can be dangerous. Our experts can accurately diagnose the state of your well and craft the right solution for your needs. That's exactly what we did for this homeowner in Woodbury, CT.

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