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Newtown, CT Booster Pump Replacement

We love turning utility systems from energy hogs that constantly run into highly efficient and reliable systems.  These pumps reduce electric costs and will last a long time. You might be wasting money on an old pump system and not even know it. Contact Eastern Water Solutions today!

Well Cap Replacement in Woodbury, CT

Bringing your well cap up to code with a water tight seal will keep bacteria, insects and small animals from contaminating your drinking water. What is more important than having clean drinking water? It can be easy to forget about your well, because it's out in the yard, but that can be dangerous. Our experts can accurately diagnose the state of your well and craft the right solution for your needs.

Well Casing Extension to Prevent Water Contamination in Beacon Falls

This water well was below ground and in a well "pit," which leaves it very susceptible to bacterial contamination.

The well pump, wire, and piping were pulled out of the well.  The metal well casing is fitted with a water tight coupling used to attach an extension, raising the well above ground level.  The well is then disinfected and flushed.  New wiring from the well to the house was pulled through a conduit and electrically tied in to the existing system.  A new water tight well cap and electrical conduit to raise the wiring up was installed.  The pit was then abandoned and filled with soil.

Cherry Brook Booster Pump Replacement in Canton, CT

This system required the replacement of an old booster skid package that had been continually failing and costing more in electricity than the package was worth.  We installed two new variable speed pumps with sub drives that reduce wear and tear on the motor and pump. This decreases peak electrical demand and supplies constant pressure to the entire school. 

Water Storage Tank Restoration in East Granby, CT

Eastern Water Solutions performed a great job cleaning, inspecting, and painting these water system tanks.  It takes extra time and care, but we are very happy how they turned out. Don't let your water storage equipment fall victim to neglect, contact us today!

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