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How do I know if I need to have my water filtered?

Well, sometimes it's very obvious, a bad smell coming from the water or pieces of sediment coming through the pipes. Other times it's more difficult to tell without testing because you have things like your hair/skin feeling very dried out, there's a tint on the inside of your sinks or tubs or even little white splotches on the faucets and handles. Now some of these things are minor and do not require water filtration, but most things like high iron in the water, hardness, or pH issues are and should be looked at to determine the severity of the problems. 

How often do water treatment filters need to be changed?

This question is asked often and there is, unfortunately, no set time frame, some households only require once a year, some every six months, and some need it every three months. It depends on how much water each household uses, how much is trying to be filtered out of your water, and even how many different types of filtration systems you have. Of course, water is ever-changing, so sometimes things need to be adapted even if you had a set routine in place.

How often should I have my pump and water treatment serviced?

We do recommend yearly checkups for servicing any pump and treatment systems. However, some systems do require more frequent visits to maintain them.  

Should I have my water tested?

The quick answer is yes! Private home owners are the only ones responsible for having their water tested, though the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does recommend annual well water testing.  

What are the most common issues with water treatment systems?

The most common issue with water treatment systems is when the filters become so dirty from lack of changing them that they no longer filter anything out. 

What is the most common water treatment?

Filtration is the most common form of water treatment. Water filtration is usually done through a porous bed of inert medium, usually silica or quartz sand. Depending on the system in place it can either be a fast or slow process as the different types of systems used can operate by gravity or the water can be forced through the medium under pressure.

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