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Eastern Water Solutions Case Studies: Booster Water Pump Replacement in Canton, CT

Monday, August 24th, 2015 by Shane Grant


The replacement of this antiquated and failing booster system needed unique specifications that met the needs of the space and demand of the water system.  The booster system originally installed was a "skid package."  These are stand alone structures that have booster pumps with the associated piping already assembled.  The space here shows that the skid package was put in place prior to the tanks.  A new system had to be designed and built piece by piece.


Eastern Water has generated cost savings for our customers in our variable speed, constant pressure system designs.  They save money in material, electrical costs, and maintenance, in addition, protection to electrical components.  By calculating the water demand we carefully select the best size pumps and drives.  From there we can install, to the existing plumbing and power supply, a system that assures great service and protection.  With variable speed there are no hard starts that increase peak electrical demand.  Depending on the demand the pump rarely operates at maximum frequency which also increases the longevity of the pump and reduces the electrical draw.

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