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Well Pump Systems Case Studies: Well Casing Extension to Stop Bacteria in Drinking Water in Wallingford

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 by Andria Anderson


This well was located inside a pit that is very susceptible to ground water, drainage, insects, and animals.  The homeowner had continual issues with coliform bacteria in her water causing gastrointestinal illness.  On top of that, the customer's elderly mother was moving into her home making it a necessity for safe, potable water immediately.  


The team excavated the area around the well pit and offset pipe.  It was discovered that the well was encased in rocks and cement, which left the technicians with almost no room to perform the task at hand.  After some digging and heavy lifting they were able to clear the area and proceed with the casing extension.  The well pump, wire, and piping were pulled out of the well.  The metal well casing is fitted with a water tight coupling used to attach an extension, raising the well above ground level.  The well is then disinfected and flushed.  New wiring from the well to the house was pulled through conduit and electrically tied in to the existing system.  A new water tight well cap and electrical conduit to raise the wiring up was installed.  The pit was then abandoned and filled with soil.

A follow up bacteria test showed that the water was now coliform free and safe for consumption!

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